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Why a Virgo Woman is Avoiding You

Virgo Woman - Being avoided by a virgo woman - Virgo woman behaviour

A Virgo woman's avoidance usually stems from two possible reasons: either she likes you or she dislikes you.

When a Virgo woman harbors feelings for you, her avoidance may not necessarily indicate disinterest. Instead, it might stem from a deep-seated shyness and nervousness, creating a barrier between her and you, the person she fancies. This behavior emerges as a defense mechanism, shielding her from potential awkwardness or inadvertent missteps. Her avoidance serves as a shield to guard her delicate emotions by trying to not make it obvious that she's into you.

On the contrary, if a Virgo woman chooses to keep her distance from you, there's usually a pivotal reason behind her actions. It might not be a mere preference but rather a response triggered by a specific event or behavior. This incident could act as a catalyst, compelling her to maintain a noticeable distance. The air between you two will feel tense, and she exudes an aura of disengagement, refraining from any form of interaction or connection. It's an invisible wall that signify a clear message: "I don't want to be involved."

How to Get Her to Stop Avoiding You

To connect with a Virgo woman and ease her avoidance is to simply show kindness and patience. Consistent acts of kindness, coupled with a patient demeanor, show her your genuine intentions without pressure or haste. By respecting her pace and boundaries, you create a safe and comfortable environment for her. This allows her to gradually lower her guard, fostering a sense of trust and potentially reducing her inclination to avoid interactions.


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